Ring-a-Ling! Failure to Track 49% of Mobile Website Conversions Caused by Lack of Call Attribution

Ring-a-Ling Failure to Track 49 percent of Mobile Website Conversions Caused by Lack of Call AttributionA new research report reveals the explosive growth in calls generated from mobile advertising and why marketers, without call attribution, could be missing out on 49 percent of mobile conversions.

DialogTech, a market leader in call analytics and automation for businesses and agencies, wrote the report — titled “The 49% ROI Mistake Marketers Don’t Know They’re Making” — which contends lack of call attribution leads to inaccurate ROI data, as well as an inability to optimize marketing spend.

“With marketing budgets increasingly tied to quantifiable results, the failure to measure all conversions jeopardizes future budgets,” warns DialogTech.

“Without call attribution, marketers could be missing out on 49 percent of mobile conversions, creating an ROI blind spot that inhibits their ability to measure what’s really working,” reads the report summary shared with MMW. “This leads to inaccurate ROI data with an inflated cost per lead, and can lead marketers to optimize budget on campaigns that are not driving revenue, while pulling the plug on programs that are.”

It matters a great deal, too. According to eMarketer, mobile digital advertising spend will surpass desktop spend next year and will rack up more than 72 percent of all digital ad spend by 2019.

“Thanks to smartphones and click-to-call technology, inbound phone calls from mobile channels are skyrocketing,” adds the report. “In fact, more than 75 billion calls were driven from mobile channels (search, display, social media, and landing pages) in the U.S. in 2014, and are expected to more than double to 162 billion by 2019, according to leading research firm BIA/Kelsey.”

Interestingly, mobile search drives the majority of call volume. Mobile search and landing pages drive a combined 81 percent of calls for DialogTech customers, while mobile display and social drive 19 percent.

In addition to its release of this report, DialogTech announced the launch of DialogTech Insights, a marketing research center formed to educate businesses and agencies on multi-channel marketing trends and best practices.

Want to know more? You can access the full research report here.