RIM Rumored To Launch TV Service for BlackBerry

It sounds as though Research In Motion (RIM) has some pretty ambitious plans. And we may find out what those entail in a few days in Las Vegas.

The company is reportedly aiming to announce a full-episode mobile TV service for BlackBerry devices during the CTIA Wireless 2009 event in Sin City.

As it stands, RIM will likely introduce a monthly subscription service that provides unlimited content licensed from a wide variety of broadcast and cable networks.

After a BlackBerry user purchases or orders a particular program, the show will be downloaded to their device via WiFi, circumventing apprehensions that the service might slow or interfere with 3G networks.

For now, it is RIM’s policy not to comment on products or applications that haven’t been formally announced. However, RIM is already slated to formally launch its BlackBerry App World virtual storefront tomorrow, a timely release given their co-CEO Mike Lazaridis’ keynote appearance at CTIA.