RIM Planning Bold Post-BB10 Move?

In recent months, MMW has reported the many ways in which Research in Motion is embarking on a serious comeback.

But with the new BlackBerry 10 product line scheduled to be unveiled in just a matter of days on January 30, speculation is mounting that RIM may simply use the momentum of a hot new smartphone line to make a bigger, bolder move than just a new product launch.

Thorsten Heins, chief executive of Research In Motion, said on Monday that the embattled BlackBerry maker must ensure that its forthcoming BlackBerry 10 models are successful before the company can consider strategic alliances, such as licensing its software or even selling off its hardware production.

Apple Insider picked up on news of these provocative comments by Heins, which appear to suggest that RIM may still dump its hardware production business.

“The main thing for now is to successfully introduce Blackberry 10. Then we’ll see,” Heins stated.

In response to the new rounds of reports, Apple has once again surfaced as a potential buyer of BlackBerry’s product line. According to some, BlackBerry could be easily assimilated into the iOS ecosystem and dramatically improve Apple’s reach into the enterprise community as well as the vast market of BlackBerry lovers who will remain loyal to the platform regardless of ownership.

Do you think RIM should begin aggressively licensing software or selling its goods?