RIM, Appcelerator Partner to ‘Reward Mobile Developers’

Mobile developers deserve all the rewards they can get in return for the amazing creations that make our smartphones even smarter. Apparently, the folks at Research in Motion and Appcelerator agree.

This week, BlackBerry maker RIM and Appcelerator, a successful development platform provider, announced that they are working together to offer mobile developers a number of incentives, including financial rewards, free services, and testing hardware, for creating BlackBerry 10 applications.

With RIM excited about its January BlackBerry device releases, the timing couldn’t be better to pump up the BlackBerry developer community.

The incentives are open to Appcelerator’s ecosystem of over 390,000 developers, who have 50,000 applications deployed worldwide on over 90 million devices. Through the power of Titanium’s cross platform capabilities, developers and enterprises will be able to build and port their applications to BlackBerry 10, and Appcelerator indicates that developers should have the ability to reuse between 65-90% of their code as they port from other leading platforms to BlackBerry 10.

“Developers and enterprises continue to look for robust cross-platform solutions and we are thrilled to work with Appcelerator to have Titanium support for BlackBerry 10,” says Alec Saunders, as executive with RIM. “Appcelerator’s community will not only have the ability to leverage Appcelerator’s native applications for faster porting, but will also be part of the growing momentum for BlackBerry 10 and be able to take advantage of the phenomenal programs we have for developers, such as the 10k commitment.”