Rich Media Mobile Advertising Provider Greystripe Expands To Europe

Greystripe, a provider of rich media mobile advertising solutions, today announced they’ve expanded services into Europe through partnerships with European ad networks.

Preceding the announcement, Greystripe said it’s already run over 50 campaigns with marquee brands across every European country, including the U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.  In Germany, for example, Greystripe partnered with madvertise — a leading network for mobile banner ads in German-speaking markets — and has since already realized many successful rich media campaigns, including ads for “many popular blockbusters,” according to the release.  Other ad networks the company has partnered with for the expansion include Hi-media Advertising and Mobile Ventures.

“We’re excited to partner with Greystripe, and offer its rich media ads and premium inventory to a European audience,” said Olivier Gonzalez, head of Hi-media Advertising. “These new formats and creative are very appealing, and thus attract new advertisers and increase their communication performance.”

Greystripe has been successful with it’s iAd-like “immersion ads” that take rich media mobile advertising to a whole new level.  The company says it currently serves ads into more than 2,500 application titles and mobile websites, supporting over 1,400 handset models globally.  “Greystripe has seen demand for its rich media ads in Europe take off over the past few months,” said Greystripe CEO Michael Chang. “The market is about a year behind the U.S., but the gap is closing fast.  We estimate that we will run over 300 rich media campaigns this year in Europe alone. “