Rich Media Expected to Dominate Online Display Advertising in 2013

According to a new report from display advertising specialists Adform, American digital marketers expect rich media investment to surge over the coming year.

In addition, these biggest players in marketing also anticipate greater steps by the industry towards true integration between mobile and online display advertising.

The research found that almost two thirds of marketers expect investment in rich media online advertising campaigns to increase beyond that of standard banner ads in 2013.

One in two marketers also identified better integration of online display advertising with mobile as the lead driver for increased investment in online display marketing over the next year.

“The online display advertising market continues to grow strongly in the US, a trend which is only set to continue in 2013 with greater investment in rich media and better integration with mobile,” says Gustav Mellentin, CEO of Adform.

“However,” he adds, “with growth can come fragmentation and confusion amongst digital marketers with new industry definitions and platform choices that seemingly appear every day –our research at ad:tech also validated this phenomenon, which we see as a threat to continued growth.”