Rich Media Does Wonders for SteelHouse’s Real Time Offers

Nothing warms the hearts of those in mobile like an uplifting case study of mobile advertising success. On Wednesday, we were treated to one such tale of triumph.

According to an announcement today from advertising solutions provider SteelHouse, rich media helped lead the way for stunning Q4 results for the company’s real time offers.

If you’re not familiar with the resource in question, SteelHouse’s Real Time Offers powered by the rich media A2 ad format features branded video, custom fonts, product carousels, countdown timers and more. In the last quarter of 2012, SteelHouse says, Real Time Offers yielded exceptional results.

In short, conversion quadrupled and brands enjoyed a 21% click-through rate with SteelHouse’s Real Time Offers.

“Relying on only standard display and retargeting ads to message our potential customers doesn’t cut it anymore,” explains Caitlin Romig, Digital Marketing Lead at Rosetta Stone. “SteelHouse enabled us to go even further with our marketing by using A2 ads and adding Real Time Offers to our campaigns. As a result, we saw a 32% lift in RPV (revenue per visitor) and an 18% click-through rate on one of our Cyber Monday promotions. In 2013, we plan on continuing to work with SteelHouse on this integrated campaign approach.”

Executives at Steelhouse tout their understanding of “smart marketing” and its myriad attributes for the success logged in Q4.

“It all comes down to smart marketing, dynamic and visual content, and data intelligence to match offers and messaging with the right customer,” Mark Douglas, President and CEO of SteelHouse, said in a written statement today. “Most customers are already sitting on a gold mine – their data. Mining that data and knowing how to convert it into revenue is our specialty. This will be a big trend in 2013 – marketers finding their gold mine and building campaigns (retargeting, onsite ads, email, and more) that integrate rich media using their existing content, and launching them into the right sequence of channels at the right time and using one channel to reinforce the other. The brands that know how to incorporate each of these pieces into their integrated marketing approach will see the highest return in sales.”