RhythmOne Integrates With DoubleClick Exchange Bidding

RhythmOne, a leading advertising technology company, has just announced that it is among the first to participate in Google’s open beta DoubleClick Exchange Bidding (EB) program.

“Through the integration, RhythmOne will provide additional demand from its premium partners to hundreds of DoubleClick For Publishers (DFP) clients,” the company stated in an emailed announcement sent to MMW.

Pursuing integration with DoubleClick EB reflects RhythmOne’s commitment to actively promote and participate in a competitive digital ecosystem that provides maximum monetization opportunities to web publishers and app developers.

We’re told that the integration allows publishers using DFP to permit RhythmOne to submit real-time bids for their supply using industry-standard RTB calls.

The bids submitted by RhythmOne will be considered alongside those from the DoubleClick AdX, the publisher’s reserved campaigns, and other EB partners to pick the highest-priced bid.

“RhythmOne’s focus is to maximize demand for publishers’ inventory,” said Karim Rayes, Vice President of Publisher Development at RhythmOne. “Our integration with DoubleClick EB is another component of this commitment and allows us to provide publishers access via open-auction to our high-quality demand — giving them another monetization source to increase their yield and price on inventory.”