ReviMedia Teams with RingRevenue For New Lead Gen Solution

ReviMedia is touting a new partnership this week with RingRevenue, a leading provider of call marketing automation solutions

ReviMedia has integrated RingRevenue’s cloud-based marketing platform into its lead exchange platform, LXP, to generate calls to insurance carriers from their auto and health insurance forms.

According to an announcement from the new partners, by integrating click-to-call tools developed by RingRevenue into ReviMedia’s platform LXP, the online lead generation company now offers to connect auto and health insurance carriers directly to customers via the phone.

Click-to-call is becoming an increasingly important tool to support the direct connection between mobile users and businesses, providing a necessary link between mobile traffic and direct contact between companies and customers.

“ReviMedia’s always been at the forefront of mobile marketing,” says ReviMedia COO Bas Offers. “Click-to-call functionality offers many exciting possibilities for our lead buyers and affiliates. Lead buyers will be able to directly connect with interested consumers, and affiliates will be able to gain insight into how their traffic is performing. By extending ReviMedia’s platform LXP with RingRevenue industry-leading call technology, we are now able to offer unique tools to advance mobile marketing.”

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