ReviMedia Gives Life to Mobile Lead Generation for Life Insurance

ReviMedia Gives Life to Mobile Lead Generation for Life InsuranceThis week, lead generation powerhouse ReviMedia, Inc. expanded into the life insurance vertical. And mobile is playing a key role.

With lots of movement currently in the space, ReviMedia saw an opening and opportunity for a company with a strong track record in lead gen to make a major impact on the industry.

The insurance industry is filled with countless companies and outlets advertising the best coverage types and rates. With heightened competition and over 50 million people in the U.S. not having adequate life insurance; there is need for organization.

“ReviMedia’s addition of life insurance to its business portfolio is a great match to their other lead gen activities in various industries including health, disability and home,” the company says. “All leads are verified, scored and distributed through LXP, ReviMedia’s proprietary lead exchange platform, which includes highly innovative technology and connects lead buyers and publishers seamlessly.”
ReviMedia also has a strong focus on mobile traffic and has therefore implemented Click2Call functionality which gives consumers the ability to call insurance providers directly from a mobile life insurance led gen form.

The company says a large volume of high quality lead buyers have already been connected to LXP and ReviMedia has a wide affiliate network running life insurance campaigns.

“We are absolutely thrilled we can finally announce our expansion into the life insurance arena, it has been a long time coming”, says CEO Frans Van Hulle. “Having added home insurance to our roster recently along with having similar verticals in our business files, this addition seems like a natural fit for us. ReviMedia is always looking for different avenues to better serve and lead our clientele.”