Revcontent Launches Mobile OS Targeting

Revcontent Launches Mobile OS TargetingRevcontent, a content recommendation network, recently added another layer of targeting granularity for their advertisers with what it calls another industry-first targeting tool — Revcontent Mobile OS Targeting.

If you’re not familiar, Revcontent Mobile OS Targeting allows partners to target and optimize based on mobile device operating system.

Advertisers can target by iOS, Android and Windows. The only content recommendation network to offer Mobile OS Targeting, Revcontent’s partners now have another option to further optimize campaigns, maximizing performance and engagement.

Richard Iwanik-Marques, Vice President of Marketing at Revcontent, is excited abou the development.

“As consumers and emerging markets continue to do more and more with mobile devices, advertising budgets follow,” Marques says. “We want our clients to have the maximum level of granularity for their targeting and attribution. Revcontent Mobile OS Targeting is designed to do just that. We’ve know for years that user experience and conversion patterns vary greatly by mobile operating system, so now our partners can create campaigns with marketing messages built around this data, creating higher ROI for our partners and a better user experience for consumers.”