Retailers, Take Note! Smartphone Users Desire Real-Time Promotions

Smith Micro, Zonetail Hone in on Contextual Mobile Marketing in Hospitality AppsConsumers with smartphones are on them a lot, but that especially goes for shopping, according to November 2015 research.

That research suggests consumers are highly desirous of receiving real-time promotions from retailers.

“Accenture surveyed 10,096 adult smartphone users worldwide, who shopped both digitally and in-store in the past 3 months. Nearly half of smartphone users worldwide said they can’t wait to receive real-time promotions from retailers on their smartphone device,” according to eMarketer.

And that’s not all: 42 percent of surveyed respondents said they want the ability to credit coupons and discounts automatically. Another 37 percent said they “want to be able to order out-of-stock goods via their smartphone.”

The problem?

“While more than half of respondents did say they want to receive real-time promotions, only 7 percent of retailers worldwide offer that service, per Accenture,” notes eMarketer.

The survey also revealed that almost half of retailers worldwide have ordering out-of-stock capabilities through free Wi-Fi in-store. But a measly 4 percent of them offer virtual smartphone apps to help consumers navigate in-store.