Retailers Marketing Deluge of New Shirts on Amazon for Mom Ahead of Mother’s Day

Amazon Ready to Embrace VR, Says New ReportIf your mobile screen is being pelted these days with social media ads for T-Shirts for mom, there’s a good reason why.

Last fall, Amazon launched a new platform for designers to create and publish high-quality shirts for purchase — Merch By Amazon.

To say that the program has been a success would be the understatement of the year.

Consequently, 2016 may very well turn out to be Amazon’s best year on record for T-Shirt sales — and seasonal celebrations are driving that success.

According to chatter to which MMW has been privy, Mother’s Day shirts are red-hot this year. And not just the “world’s best mom” shirts that are sold everywhere. Merch by Amazon has unleashed the creative capacity of the design community, as designers can create and sell high-quality print-on-demand shirts without having to pay for production or inventory.

The end result? A massive selection of shirts to choose from just in time for Mother’s Day 2016.

And the best sellers so far? We won’t know until Amazon releases that info (if they even do) but what we’re hearing is that slightly irreverent and exceedingly funny t-shirts are insanely popular this year, including one that reads — “If Mom Can’t Bake it or Make it, Nobody Can… Except for Grandma. She’s Still Got It.”