Retail Proximity Marketing Giant Gains More ‘Intelligence’ in Retail

AcquisitionsShopAdvisor, a leader in retail proximity marketing, analytics, and mobile shopping, recently acquired Retailigence.

If you’re not familiar, Retailigence specializes in in-store product data and location services designed to spur a shopper’s path-to-purchase in brick-and-mortar stores.

“By combining ShopAdvisor’s ability to provide a personalized, data-driven content experience and access to more than 210 million online and local inventory products with Retailigence’s real-time intelligence on the availability of those products across 200,000 brick-and-mortar stores, consumers will have an unprecedented, end-to-end mobile-enabled shopping experience that can take them from product discovery to hyper-localized in-store purchases,” a provided statement notes.

The acquisition means ShopAdvisor has more than doubled in size and now boasts a significant number of brand name customers including: Hearst, Time Inc., Conde Nast, Vince Camuto, Levi’s, GUESS, Kmart, Pepsico, P&G and Walgreens, among other big name brands.

“Brand and retail partners will benefit from the combination of ShopAdvisor and Retailigence as it provides them with the industry’s most powerful platform for presenting shoppers — through their smartphones — with the right product offers at precisely the right time, using the right contact methodology that will drive them into stores and spur purchases,” noted the statement shared with MMW.

Customer engagement — in the manner most desired — is the name of the game.

“As traditional online advertising becomes increasingly ineffective, publishers, brands and retailers know they must shift their ad strategy so that it aligns with how consumers want to be engaged. We see the need for a completely integrated path to purchase, through the media, where consumers are influenced, staying connected through the transaction – online or at a local retailer,” said Jeff Papows, CEO of ShopAdvisor. “It’s the right time to integrate these things as brands focus their spending on the mobile consumer, yet still recognizing the critical importance of brick-and-mortar commerce.”

ShopAdvisor will integrate Retailigence’s technology into the three modular services that comprise its Intelligence Suite: Product Intelligence, Content Intelligence, and Location Intelligence. ShopAdvisor will add Retailigence’s 12 million location-specific products across 200,000 brick-and-mortar stores to its Product Intelligence capabilities, allowing for more comprehensive consumer insight and shopper profiles.