Retail Marketers Capitalize on Killer Clown T-Shirt Trend for Halloween

2With more Americans than ever turning to Amazon and other leading online retailers for clothes, costumes, and accessories in time for holidays like Halloween, it comes as no surprise that the smartest content and merchandise creators are now endeavoring to capitalize on the creepy clown trend sweeping the United States.

“It just had to be clowns, didn’t it? We couldn’t indulge in some good old-fashioned nationwide panic about, say, zombies or sexy teenage vampires,” says AJ Willingham of CNN. “Nope, it had to be clowns and it had to be mere weeks before Halloween. Thanks, America. This is just great.”

But as the marketing world has long understood this time of year, nothing helps sell merchandise like things that scare and terrify all in good fun.

“Clown t-shirts are selling out everywhere,” says Ed Harris, a retail store marketing manager for a Chicago area mall. “People want clown masks, costumes, and t-shirts. We can’t keep them long enough to satisfy everyone.”

clown1As for the biggest trend? Clown t-shirts, Ed says. So which ones are the most popular?

We did a little diffing and found the two more recent viral creepy clown tees. To check out the first, click here. The second, click here.