Restaurants and Mobile Now Inextricably Linked

Restaurants and Mobile Now Inextricably LinkedFood and mobile payments have quite a future to look forward to together.

This week, the latest example of this new unbreakable bond came from OpenTable.

Although OpenTable has been helping users make restaurant reservations for quite some time now, the ability to pick up the tab is finally entering into the equation.

The online service, which lets users book tables via its smartphone app and Web site, is testing a payment-processing system that will allow diners to pay for their meal from within the app, The New York Times reports. When the check comes at the end of the meal, the diner would open the app to review the check and add tip before paying the bill with a touch of a button…

According to CNET, this feature could ultimately help attract scores of users and revenue for OpenTable, which is already used by 28,000 restaurants and a staggering 450 million diners.

Retail and mobile technology experts believe that it will soon be close to impossible to find a restaurant that doesn’t offer some form of mobile payments option to boost convenience and security for patrons.

PayAnywhere, one of the country’s fastest growing mobile payment solutions providers, recently shared with MMW their newest infographic illustrating why mobile payments will soon be on a menu near you.