Our Resources Section acts as a repository for mobile marketing documents, white papers, best practice guides, case studies and much more.  We’re constantly adding sources, so please feel free to contact us if you know of additional resources that may be of value to the mobile marketing community.

**Special Section: Spotlight on Urban Airship**

The Pocket Guide to Good Push

Mobile is the new face of engagement and Good Push is the entry point to engaging mobile experiences. Learn how to delight your customers with this amazing new communication channel.

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Forrester Report: The Future of Mobile eBusiness is Context

The ability to deliver the right information, at the right time, to the right place will evolve in sophistication with smartphone technology. Discover key principles that maximize opportunities and conversions.

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7 Best Practices for Push Messaging

At Urban Airship we believe Good Push is so important that—drawing from our extensive interactions with push-enabled publishers and push consumers—we’ve created a set of best practices that we call our 7 Tenets of Good Push.

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The Urban Airship Good Push Messaging Index

An analysis of the impact that push notifications have on mobile application users, conducted by Urban Airship. Based on real-time data collected from the top push notification senders, the Index presents a snapshot on the impact of push messaging around the globe.

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