Resigned iAd Chief Leaps Into Top Spot at Leap Motion

Although Apple was credited for being “ahead of its time” by some when Steve Jobs introduced the iAd platform in 2010, critics maintain that iAd has been a bust.

Regardless of which camp is correct, one truth remains. The former iAd chief who oversaw the program is no longer with Apple.

Last summer, Andy Miller resigned from his position – a position where he reported directly to Jobs – in order to become a general partner at Highland Capital, a venture firm that initially funded Quattro Wireless, which was later acquired by Apple.

On Tuesday, word broke that Miller is moving up and into an executive position at a portfolio company of Highland.

Andy Miller has landed at Leap Motion, a company that makes 3D motion-control and motion-sensing technology.

“Andy had been spending around 80% of his time on Leap over the past few months anyway, and he brought up the idea of going there fulltime,” says Peter Bell, a general partner with Highland. “We talked about it a lot, and think it’s the right move for Andy, the company and Highland. This is one of those companies that really feels different, and having Andy there makes us feel even better about it.”