Research Shows The Mobile Generation is ‘Lost’

According to a new report from Linquet, the anti-loss solutions provider for mobile phones and other valuables, the average person loses 9 items per day, a total of 200,000 in their lifetime.

Let that one sink in for a moment.

“What’s the number one item we lose?” the company asks in its new report. “Cell phones top the charts, and the average lost phone costs the loser $900, with the total value of lost or stolen phones and their data costing Americans $30 billion.”

We’ve all been there. We constantly lose or misplace our phone, keys, wallet, iPad, laptop, pet and pretty much everything. Losing your phone or valuables could be anything from upsetting (e.g. being late for a meeting) to potentially devastating (e.g. being a victim of identity-theft).

Coinciding with the new report is a helpful infographic from Linquet showing how and where we lose things the most.