Research on Ireland Super Smoothie Campaign Proves Mobile Works for Brands

Research on Ireland Super Smoothie Campaign Proves Mobile Works for BrandsNew research carried out by RED C on behalf of IAB Ireland, shows that mobile advertising indeed can have a stronger brand impact than competing media formats.

The research focused on a specific mobile-only campaign for the “Innocent Super Smoothie,” a healthy fruit smoothie product popular in Ireland and the UK.

The study, conducted in partnership with MEC and its client Innocent with a specific mobile only campaign for a range of the Super Smoothies, showed that an increase of 25 percent was recorded in brand preference among those who saw the mobile ad versus those who did not see it.

According to AdWorld, the campaign was supported by IAB publishers including,,,,, Done Deal,,,, Irish Mirror, Sky News,, Ticketmaster, The Score, and Yahoo!

The research posits that the Innocent Smoothie mobile campaign achieved a brand impact score of 80, higher than the norms for all other media channels. The campaign also outperformed all other media on “both rational and emotional impact.”

Adrian Acosta, Chair of IAB Mobile’s Council, said the study showed mobile campaigns can be game changers.

“The Innocent Super Smoothie campaign has clearly demonstrated that mobile advertising delivers powerful branding impact,” Acosta said. “The study conveys great insights to advertisers on the branding effectiveness of mobile and demonstrates the opportunity for advertisers to maximise their branding ROI with increased mobile ad spend.”

Richard Colwell, CEO of RED C Research, agreed that mobile is increasingly effective.

“It is expected that mobile advertising could have a good impact on the short term rational call to action, but far more interesting is the impact that this mobile ad has had on the more long term emotional connection with the brand, which has been shown to deliver a bigger return on advertising investment. It suggests mobile can be very effective at the heart of any campaign,” Colwell noted.