Research: Google Most Disruptive Mobile Company, Apple & Microsoft “Aggravate Competitive Dynamics”

Strategy Analytics, a research and consulting firm, today released data from its “Global Forces Program” (GFP) that quantifies Google’s disruptive impact in the Mobile Information and Communication industry (M-ICT), while also saying that Apple and Microsoft’s behavior in the industry causes “stress, aggravated competitive dynamics and threats to profits.”

For more context, Strategy Analytic’s says its Global Forces Program scans the industry to provide early warning on disruptive forces, innovation with potential for strategic impact and emerging forces that will threaten traditional modes of operation.  GFP research studies the behaviors and strategies of a range of firms in the M-ICT space, including services providers, content providers, device manufacturers and software developers.

It doesn’t take much to realize that Google is obviously the predominant distruptive force in the mobile industry, given its open nature and sheer reach in a wide range of technology channels.  While Apple also has the potential, its closed and secretive nature hinder its overall ability, though the company’s growth in the mobile channel is no indication.

“Given the pervasive nature of the Internet, combined with Google’s non-traditional perspective that their business is anything potentially touched by the Web, Google’s activities continue to disrupt traditional business models in M-ICT,” said Chris Jackson, an Executive co-Director of GFP.  “Google’s reach across devices, from operating systems to applications, and across services in the Cloud will drive change and disruption going forward,” added Richard Guppy, the Executive co-Director of GFP.  “Fueled by Google’s prominence in web advertising, this research identifies strength in services innovation as well as software development as key factors behind Google’s ability to create disruption.   Most importantly, the research identified Google’s track record, business philosophy and intention to create opportunities through disruptive behaviors in the M-ICT industry,” added Mr. Guppy.