Republican Convention Makes Waves on Twitter

On Tuesday and Wednesday, social media networks were enjoying huge traffic bursts as the Republican National convention rolled on.

The biggest RNC stars on Twitter so far, the record shows, are New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Ann Romney, wife of GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

According to CBS News, “of four hours worth of political speeches Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention, Ann Romney’s ode to her husband Mitt Romney received the most buzz on Twitter.”

Metrics provided by the micro-blogging site show that Ann Romney’s Twitter mentions nearly doubled after her speech, with the most tweets per minute occurring when Mitt Romney walked on stage to hug her after she was done.

In the big picture, however, RNC-related tweets still fell short of the Twitter records made during he summer olympic games.

“The 6,195 tweets per minute,” CBS reports, “is far fewer than the 80,000 tweets per minute Jamaican runner Usain Bolt received during one of his record-breaking Olympic performances.”

So… are you tweeting along with each night of the Republican National Convention?