Report: The Pace of LTE Network Deployment is Accelerating

Report The Pace of LTE Network Deployment is AcceleratingVisiongain, an independent media company in Europe, reports that the speed at which LTE network deployment is accelerating may actually surprise you.

While it’s no secret that everyone and their grandmother has heard about LTE’s rampant growth, the growth is likely much greater than most realize.

As mobile operators are investing to keep pace with competition and with dramatic growth in mobile data traffic, this pace will pick up further momentum as 2014 progresses.

Today, mobile broadband demand is at an all-time high, Visiongain says, with some operators reporting a doubling of data traffic in each of the last five years.

This is creating enormous pressure to deploy more efficient network technologies that can deliver increased mobile data capacity at a lower cost per bit so operators can remain profitable. As a result, operators are investing heavily in advanced infrastructure and hence, there is a rapid increase in LTE network trials and commercial launches worldwide. LTE base stations will be the last link in a chain connecting users to the mobile network, and one of many crucial components in delivering the quality of service that will separate incumbency from obsolescence.

Visiongain projects that 2014 will be a pivotal year and one of significant growth for LTE base stations as Mobile operators will need to increase network capacity to handle the explosive growth in data traffic. As a consequence, Visiongain “expects global LTE Base Station revenues to reach $12.8 billion in 2014.”