Report: Tablets Are Enjoyed More with a Positive Purchase Experience

Report Tablets Are Enjoyed More with a Positive Purchase ExperienceIt’s not just the tablet, but how the tablet was purchased that could impact the way users enjoy their device.

That’s the latest finding from J.D. Power and Associates.

Whether a tablet is purchased online or from a retail store, price, device information, brand and model selection greatly influence overall customer satisfaction, according to the J.D. Power 2013 U.S. Tablet Satisfaction Study–Volume 2 released today.

Here’s what the data tells us:

  • More than one-half (59%) of tablet owners purchase their device in a store, while 41 percent purchase online. Tablet owners who purchase their device online rate their purchase experience 8.5 (on a 10-point scale), compared with 8.3 among those who purchase at a store, and also provide a slightly higher satisfaction rating for the price of the tablet (7.8 vs. 7.5, respectively).
  • Overall customer satisfaction with tablet devices is 821 (on a 1,000-point scale). Customer satisfaction among tablet owners who rate their purchase experience high (9 or 10) is 114 points higher (879) than those who rate their purchase experience lower (8 or below).
  • Prior to purchasing their tablet, 50 percent of consumers rely on recommendations from friends, family members or colleagues, while 49 percent gather information from the manufacturer’s website. These sources are followed by brand reputation (42%) and past experience with the brand (32%).
  • Samsung ranks highest with a score of 835 and is the only manufacturer to improve across all five factors since the previous reporting period in April 2013. Samsung showed particularly strong improvement in the cost factor (25-point increase). Apple ranks second scoring 833 and performs particularly well in performance and ease of operation.

“Whether consumers prefer the online channel for competitive pricing compared with the tactile retail store experience, effectively matching owner needs with the appropriate tablet model during the purchase process goes a long way in positively influencing overall satisfaction,” says Kirk Parsons, senior director of telecommunications services at J.D. Power.