Report Suggests Strong Small Carrier Growth in Smartphone Boom

According to the latest research from iGR, by 2016 more than 19% of all smartphone sales are expected to be through regional smaller mobile operators.

“While the Top 4 mobile operators will dominate U.S. handset sales (and specifically smartphone sales),” iGRP says, “the Regional and Smaller Operators (RSOs) will make some gains which are largely attributable to the ‘catch-up’ effect caused by the clear demand for smartphones.”

In other words, the research outfit asserts, RSOs will need to increase their smartphone portfolio to meet consumer demand, especially Apple and Android products. In doing so, RSOs are likely to see rather rapid growth in their percentage share of smartphone sales.

“The demand for smartphones is not limited to customers of the larger mobile operators in major metropolitan markets,” said Iain Gillott, president and founder of iGR, a market research consultancy focused on the wireless & mobile industry. “Consumers in smaller markets, as well as those served by tier 2 and 3 operators in metro markets, have also been buying smartphones. And with the recent announced increased availability of the Apple iPhone, iGR expects smartphone sales growth among regional operators to exceed growth in the tier 1 operators.”