Report: The State of Workplace Communications is Disconnected

Dynamic Signal has just announced its launch of “The State of Workplace Communications” report — its first annual study of communication professionals.

The report gives insight into which channels are currently being used to disseminate important information, the challenges communication leaders face in communicating effectively within their organizations, and what budget is being allocated to solve these challenges.

The key takeaway? Workplace communications are disconnected.

Dynamic Signal’s survey respondents said the top priority for their communications department is ensuring employees feel informed and connected, yet nearly three-fourths say they have problems keeping employees “on brand and on message” when communicating company news and information. Employees agree, in fact Gallup reported that 74 percent of employees are disconnected and feel that they’re missing out on company information and news.

“The State of Workplace Communications” report also highlights that 37 percent of communication professionals surveyed by Dynamic Signal reported that internal silos create the greatest challenge they face in workforce communications. Today’s workforce is disconnected, widely distributed, and often desk-less. Nearly half of the respondents reported being frustrated by the tools and platforms available to reach employees in a way that is timely, effective, and measurable.

“Our report shows that communication professionals continue to rely on technology designed to reach employees in an office, at a desk. This is ineffective and leaves companies totally unable to communicate with half of their employees who are remote, lack a corporate email address, or are generally disconnected,” said Russ Fradin, CEO and co-founder of Dynamic Signal. “The fact is that mobile phone penetration has exploded in recent years. Technology is finally allowing companies to communicate with every employee, everywhere, reaching an entire workforce in a way that is personalized, convenient, measurable, and efficient.”

For more insight, check out Dynamic Signal online here.