Report: Staples To Begin Selling iPhone 5, Apple TV, Mac Notebooks This Month

For weeks now we’ve been hearing that Staples will soon begin selling Apple products in the United States. On Wednesday, we received an update as to the definition of “soon.”

New employee training docs obtained by MacRumors suggest that Staples could begin selling the iPhone 5, Apple TV, and select Mac notebooks before the end of March.

Staples is purportedly requiring training modules to be completed within two weeks, which means that Apple products may be available for purchase from Staples within days from now.

“At the end of this curriculum,” one of the documents reads, “associates will be able to describe key features of the Apple iPhone 5, and suggest attachments that compliment the iPhone 5.”

Neither Apple or Staples will confirm the rumored plans today, although sources close to the matter say that shipments of Apple devices to the prominent office supply stores are now imminent.

An official announcement from Staples regarding Apple product availability will likely come next week.