Report Shows Summer Was a Hot Season for Mobile Shopping

Summertime was the night time for mobile shopping according to a new report from Dealnews.

“During summer holidays, it’s assumed that Americans spend the majority of their time out and about,” the report states, “but thanks to the omnipresence of mobile devices in our daily lives, Americans are hardly ever unplugged – especially during summer holidays.”

Derived from insight made available through traffic data, Americans shop on average 38% more from their mobile devices on summer holidays. And when they do turn to mobile to indulge in mCommerce, the bulk of mobile traffic comes from Apple’s iPad.

Proving this point, Datanews says that Independence Day 2012 (July 4th, 2012) saw the highest percent of overall traffic coming from mobile devices compared to any summer holiday in 2011 and 2012.

As the fireworks popped overhead, mobile traffic was busy capturing 22.48% of overall site traffic to Dealnews – a 43% increase compared to the average mobile traffic percentage of the previous three respective weekdays.

“Smartphones and tablets are increasingly considered a preferred platform for online shopping for a growing number of people,” says Dan de Grandpre, CEO of Dealnews. “Since more people are shopping from their mobile devices now than ever before, it’s imperative that retailers and merchants invest in dedicated mobile sites to improve consumers’ mobile shopping experience.”