Report Shows Mobile App Marketing Costs Have Taken a Tumble

On Thursday, Fiksu – a mobile app user acquisition platform – reported a dramatic drop in mobile app marketing costs in January 2012 – the lowest since July 2011.

iOS app downloads in January reached an all-time high as the proliferation of new devices given and received over the holidays drove increased app discovery and usage in the New Year.

According to the company, The Fiksu Cost per Loyal User Index fell by 59 percent in January to $1.14, from a record high of $1.81 in December.

The Fiksu Indexes reveal that, while many advertisers joined the rush to spend over the holiday season to drive up app store rankings and acquire an elevated volume of users, January provided one of the best opportunities for mobile app marketers to-date, as volume reached an all-time high and costs approached an all-time low.

“We’ve observed many app brands invest heavily in the fourth quarter, seeking extreme growth during the holiday season, then reduce spending in January as they evaluate their marketing programs for the New Year and focus on version upgrades for their apps,” says Micah Adler, Fiksu CEO.

“However, the latest Indexes show that January is an excellent time for both growth and value – and budget-savvy marketers should take full advantage of this time, instead of slowing down,” Adler advises.