Report Shows Difference Between Gen Xers and Millennials on Mobile

Report Shows Difference Between Gen Xers and Millennials on MobileThe findings of a new study from xAd and Telmetrics with Nielsen point to some fascinating audience insights based on mobile usage and behaviors across genders and generations.

According to a report summary shared with MMW, Millennials “are a generation that is being defined by their constant exposure to technology and ubiquitous use of their mobile devices.”

Yet, the study shows, Gen Xers actually spend more time on their mobile devices than Millennials.

Key findings based on gender and generation include:

  • Women take longer: Men spend more time on mobile overall, but women spend longer on each visit ­ over a minute or more depending on category.
  • Men are on the move: Men are more likely to use their phone on the go, while women are more likely to access information at home.
  • Millennials multitask, Gen Xers spend more time on device: Gen X consumers account for the most time spent on mobile overall and use their devices longer each session. Millennials are the ultimate multitaskers, using their devices for frequent, shorter sessions and for more activities.

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