Report Says Mobile Marketing Adoption Leading to ‘Mobile First’ Mentality

According to a new report and series of projections published Monday from Telmetrics – a provider of advertising call measurement solutions – high mobile adoption rates among both consumers and advertisers are transforming the industry and driving a mobile-first mentality for measurable results.

“Mobile is the true pay per call platform as there is an immediacy about mobile local search that drives higher response rates and the dominant mobile ad response is a call,” says said Bill Dinan, president of Telmetrics. With mobile, consumers are ready to make a purchase right away and advertisers are seeing the valuable link between a call and a purchase. The mobile marketing performance model is more easily defined and monetized, and that will help drive more revenue for advertisers and further tailor their mobile approach.”

Among the predictions for 2012 outlined in the report:

  1. Pay Per Call Goes Mainstream With Mobile: High mobile adoption rates for both consumers and advertisers mean there is a mutual understanding of the platform and the relevancy of calls. Unlike the drawn out learning curve that came with online advertising, this new proficient mobile knowledge base will help drive pay per call programs.
  2.  Mobile Propels Pay Per Action: Advertisers today realize the wealth of data available via mobile and are eager to track and pay for revenue producing actions including calls, map/directions downloads, QR code reads – any definable and concrete action that means a purchase is likely imminent.
  3. In-App Call Tracking Rises: We expect consumers will continue to hone their lists of favorite apps and use them as their go-to resources for everyday planning and purchasing more so than mobile browsers. As such, advertisers will increasingly track the impact of in-app activity on call volumes and sales. This includes social apps like Facebook and Yelp.
  4. Marketers and Advertisers Shift to Mobile-First Strategy: The combination of continued low advertising budgets and the tracking capabilities of mobile will mean a market shift of companies implementing a digital strategy that starts with mobile and then extends to other platforms that can supply similar metrics.

Do you agree with the bold projections made by Telmetrics? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.