Report Says Corporate Networks At Risk of Android Malware

There’s a first time for everything. But this is one “first” no one is happy to see.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal this week, malware is starting to exploit hacked Web sites as part of an alleged scheme to target mobile devices.

The Trojan in question is called “NotCompatible” and is said to be directed at Android smartphones and tablets.

While the risk may still be low, there is, indeed, a risk that corporate networks will be compromised.

The attacker has placed the malware on dozens of low-traffic websites as a proxy pretending to be the device’s owner, and attempts to use the device to make unauthorized transactions, such as ordering tickets from Ticketmaster or downloading applications from Apple’s App Store, said Lookout Mobile Security CTO Kevin Mahaffey.

For the time being, Mahaffey says he has found “no evidence yet that corporate networks have been compromised.”

But, he adds, CIOs must be aware of NotCompatible because of the prevalence of Android devices in today’s workplaces.

To read the full article from the Wall Street Journal, click here.