Report: PayPal Option Boosts Mobile Transactions

Report PayPal Option Boosts Mobile TransactionsWebtrends is out with a new report that highlights how just how powerful PayPal is today in the mobile channel.

As it turns out, offering PayPal as a payment option to consumers is impacting no shortage of major mobile trend lines.

Online conversions, for example – especially among mobile users – are surging thanks to PayPal.

Webtrends made the discovery through testing its Optimize product in conjunction with luxury online lifestyle store ACHICA.

According to Tony Dennis of GoMobile News, Webtrends conducted a series of tests on the ARCHIS payments page to establish the net effect on transactions by offering the option to pay using PayPal.

“The results showed that PayPal was used for nearly one third (29.1 per cent) of all transactions,” Dennis explains. “Mobile users responded even more positively with a slightly larger uplift in transactions at 3.63 percent.”

Overall, the number of transactions increased by 3.22 percent. Testing found that conversion rates were high for both UK and non UK visitors.

“ACHICA follows a flash sales model and there are critical points in the journey that can result in customer abandonment,” observed Adam Constantine, head of insight and analytics at ACHICA. “Not only did we want to maximize conversions but also create a clean and simple experience for our users from the point of registration, all the way through to purchasing.”