Report: NFC is Happening with New iPhone

Near Field Communications technology will be present on the 6th generation Apple iPhone, which is now widely expected to reach consumers next month.

Late last night, Chinese news site published what allegedly appear to be photos of the new iPhone in assembly. And a new component never observed in previous models is being taken as evidence of NFC’s presence.

Of course, we’ve known for months that such a development was very, very likely. In June, when Apple unveiled its forthcoming “Passbook” app through iOS 6, NFC’s arrival on the iPhone began to seem inevitable.

Not surprisingly, Apple is said to be interested in grabbing its share of such a major emerging technology.

The latest reports from Juniper Research project that the NFC retail payments market will balloon to surpass $180 billion globally by 2017.

In addition to NFC, most mobile industry analysts and market watchers believe that the 6th generation iPhone will deliver a bigger screen and 4G LTE connectivity.