Report: Mobile Rapidly Surpassing PCs for Email Engagement

A new industry benchmark study revealed that more than 70 percent of customers of mobile-centric brands open their email on mobile devices.

Kahuna has just released its second industry mobile marketing benchmark report, revealing key insights to help brands engage customers with strategic, personalized messaging automation.

The 70 percent figure is telling.

“The finding underscores the importance of omnichannel integration in the age of mobile, when customers increasingly are relying on mobile devices in a wide range of communication modalities — push notifications, in-app messaging, email, and others,” a report summary shared with MMW reads.

“While other benchmarks are finding that roughly half of all consumers are already opening their email first on mobile devices, the numbers become even more dramatic for customers of mobile-focused brands,” said Adam Marchick, CEO and co-founder of Kahuna. “Because mobile-first is quickly becoming a trend for marketers, it behooves them to watch these and other usage patterns.”

In other findings, push notification opt-in rates remained steady. The opt-in rate across iOS and Android increased slightly from 62 percent to 64 percent since the last Kahuna Index report.

While Android continues to have a much higher opt in rate, permission changes related to Android Marshmallow could disrupt that pattern.

Last, but not least: ad blocking will likely raise acquisition costs.

“Recent consumer adoption of ad-blocking tools are encouraging more brands to look closely at their owned communication channels,” said Douglas Roberge, strategic services consultant at Kahuna, and author of the report. “While it is doubtful that there will be an adpocalypse — the radical deconstruction of the advertising industry — a long-term trend that brands can bet on is expansion of owned communications. With our quarterly benchmark, we hope to track that development in detail as it happens.”