Report: Majority of Fortune 100 Companies Are Not Google Compliant

Google’s recent announcement about upcoming changes to its mobile search algorithm may cause 90 or more Fortune 100 companies to lose search visibility among consumers on mobile devices.

Pure Oxygen Labs’ new mobile SEO assessment reveals that most Fortune 100 companies are not Google-compliant.

The mobile consulting and technology company used its proprietary diagnostic tools to evaluate the current state of mobile optimization for the Fortune 100.

Disney, GE and JP Morgan are among a handful of companies that are well-positioned for Google’s impending mobile SEO changes, the report shows. However, others may not be so fortunate.

Two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies are at risk of seeing ranking downgrades as a result of failing to serve mobile versions of indexed pages.

Only 56% of these companies serve any mobile formatted content to smartphone searchers, Pure Oxygen Labs reports.

“It’s unclear how just how strict Google will be with regard to compliance,” explains Brian Klais, Founder and CEO of Pure Oxygen Labs. “For merchants preparing for the holiday season, the urgency to act is right now as a non-trivial amount of revenue could be at stake. Google effectively put everyone on notice to take mobile seriously.”