Report: Consumers Ready for In-Store Mobile Alerts

Report Consumers Ready for In-Store Mobile AlertsSwirl Networks, an in-store mobile marketing platform provider, has just released research findings about consumer willingness to receive beacon-triggered alerts.

As MMW has reported throughout the month, major companies like Apple are now turning to iBeacon technology to provide in-store alerts to shoppers. And according to the details provided in the new report, customers are more than ready to receive them.

Swirl’s study found that 77 percent of consumers would be willing to share their smartphone location data (a prerequisite for beacon-triggered campaigns) as long as they received enough value in return.

The study also revealed that consumers are much more likely to entrust their location information to their favorite retailers (65 percent) than to shopping/deals apps, Google or Facebook.

“As retailers ramp up their use of beacons for in-store mobile marketing, they must overcome the two largest complaints from consumers about today’s mobile shopping alerts: lack of relevance (41 percent) and lack of value (37 percent),” the report summarizes.

To learn more, take a look at the corresponding infographic released with the study’s published findings.