Report: Apple Watch Days Away from Production

Report Apple Watch Days Away from ProductionIn September, Apple wowed the world of wearables with the grand unveiling of Apple Watch, the company’s first crack at a smartwatch.

Having fully captivated the smartwatch market, Apple then proceeded to burst everyone’s balloon by confirming that the device would not be available in time for the holidays.

Instead, we were told to expect Apple Watch in early 2015.

With fewer than three weeks remaining in 2014, Apple’s pledge is now in full view. And based on the chatter out of Asia ahead of the weekend, it appears Apple will be able to come through on its goal of releasing the smartwatch in Q1.

Taiwan’s United Daily News picked up a lead from a source in the Apple supply chain who says Apple Watch production will commence in January, with a first year production run of between 20 and 30 million units expected.

As MMW previously reported, it is believed that Apple will begin taking preorders for Apple Watch sometime in late February or early March.