Report: Android Set to End iPad Dominance in 2013

Apple’s iPad may presently sit atop the the tablet heap as the most dominant device maker of our time, but Google’s Android operating system is poised to strike at the very heart of Apple’s market leading presence before the end of 2013.

According to the latest estimate by leading analyst Sameer Singh of Finvista Advisors, Android tablets will capture a majority of the tablet market by the second or third quarter of 2013.

“The iPad would have to consistently outpace the growth of Android tablets over the next year to hold on to its market leadership position, which is quite unlikely,” he writes. “Therefore, current tablet market share trends are consistent with my prediction of Android tablets overtaking the iPad by mid-2013. However, both platforms should see rapidly rising volumes, as market share gains will be growth-driven.”

So what’s behind this anticipated market shift?

“OEMs have learned from Amazon’s model that diversified price points would help expand the market and take share from the iPad,” Singh published Tuesday. “This has resulted in far more broad-based growth, which is not only sustainable, but should result in an accelerated ramp-up of sales over the next 3-4 quarters. Q1 2013 is likely to see a cyclical dip in shipments, but we are unlikely to see a crash. The growth pattern across OEMs is very similar to the dynamics in the early stages of the smartphone market, which suggests that tablets are finally being adopted by mainstream users.”

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