Report: Amazon Is Changing the Advertising Landscape

This week, new analysis is from the perspective of native marketplace advertising agency, Quartile, was released to the public, raising further hype for the growth of Amazon’s role across the advertising landscape.

According to the report in question, nine out of ten shoppers visit Amazon to research products, but “it wasn’t until recently that ad agencies got the drift.”

Amazon isn’t just a retail giant; it’s an advertising powerhouse with enough fuel to generate $1 billion in ads this year alone. But there’s more.

According to the provided report summary, “for 2020, they’re on tap to generate $20 billion in advertising and join the running with Google and Facebook. It’s no wonder that specialized agencies now smell the scent of cash and use big data to create Amazon product promotion that cuts to the chase. Amazon sales anyone?”

Sylvio Lindenberg, CSO of Quartile said of the overwhelming trend: “Simply put, our management team decided to move our expertise as former Amazon sellers to the service side of the table. Why? Because the marketplace has an ecosystem that speaks to more than one segment. Amazon in itself is a formidable brand marketing channel that must be exploited by the modern marketer if they’re going to see an increase in ROI. We’re tapping into Amazon’s machine to take a seller from customer acquisition, to the sale, to the customer’s review, to the repeat sale. It’s comprehensive, it’s on time, and it’s time to think how America’s largest online market thinks.”