Report: 80% Of US-Based Mobile Sites Have A Substantial Global Audience, Mobile Apps Too

Report- 80 Percent Of US-Based Mobile Sites Have A Substantial Global AudienceMotally, a mobile analytics startup, released an interesting report yesterday indicating that the US leads the world in terms of creating mobile sites with a substantial global audience — 80% of which, to be exact.

Specifically speaking, 80% of US-based mobile sites receive traffic from three of the seven major regions of the world — North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Oceania — with 72% of US-based mobile apps reaching an audience in four or more regions.

More generally speaking, 53% of sites and 41% of apps in Motally’s study drew visitors from all seven regions — not just one or two clicks, but significant traffic — signaling the benefit for mobile app and site developers who can reach a significant worldwide audience by utilizing a rather simple medium.  “Any investment should at least consider a global audience,” Motally indicated in its report.  “Mobile is an effective global platform.”

This is interesting to me given the fact that the US has always been lagging in terms of mobile technology when compared to other parts of the world.  With new-age media and mobile marketing and advertising channels emerging, it’s clear that the US has been a major player in advancing these technologies.  It also indicates the extreme potential mobile provides in reaching a target audience, whether that audience is your local community or the entire world.