Report: 8 in 10 US Consumers Use Multi-Service Messaging

On Tuesday, Acision published new research indicating that 8 in 10 US consumers now use multi-service messaging.

Acision, finds that 79% of Smartphone users are today using multiple messaging services, including SMS, MMS and IM/Over-the-top (OTT) applications, to fulfill their messaging needs.

“Despite dramatized media headlines indicating the death of SMS, our research confirms that while OTT messaging service usage is on the rise, SMS is still regarded as a key service by many consumers in the US,” explains Russell Grahame, SVP and General Manager of Acision North America.

“However,” he adds, “as consumer behaviors and expectations evolve and they look for richer messaging services to communicate and connect, time is of the essence for carriers to fast-track the launch of their own rich messaging and RCS based services, in order to create a new communication ecosystem.”

Other notable findings of the research show that:

  • 72% of US consumers surveyed are using multiple messaging services each day, triggered by speed, rich features and cost. IM/OTT messaging is gaining ground with SMS, which is still today’s only assured service for all
  • 72% state a dependency on SMS, despite new OTT services
  • Consumers connect to more contacts with OTT messaging today, but don’t separate out service usage across family, friends and work
  • 75% are interested in an operator rich messaging service such as ‘joyn’, which can eliminate messaging fragmentation

To learn more about the second edition of Acision’s annual research, click here.