Report: 8 in 10 Consumers to Embrace mCommerce This Year

Report 8 in 10 Consumers to Embrace mCommerce This YearMobile ad network InMobi has announced the results of its 2014 Mobile Media Consumption Report, which provides insights into changing trends in mobile media consumption habits.

The key takeaway from the new report is the growing popularity of mobile commerce.

The 2014 report findings reiterate that mobile devices have become integral to everyday life, but moreover, that trust and reliance on mobile devices has increased and are expected to have a significant impact on mobile commerce in 2014, InMobi says.

Specifically, the report predicts a 15% increase in mobile commerce in 2014, with 83% of respondents planning to conduct mobile commerce in the next 12 months. Mobile has become a key factor affecting purchasing decisions, with 48% of respondents worldwide listing mobile as a key media which impacts purchasing decisions, and reliance on mobile is even higher in important consumer markets, like India, at 60%.

“In last year’s report we found that mobile had touched most aspects of modern life. But this year, we find that mobile has really become an essential part of daily life, even a daily workhorse, that has replaced the desktop and TV for everything from gathering key information, media consumption and accomplishing daily tasks, like shopping and paying bills,” says Naveen Tewari, CEO of InMobi. “Furthermore, with mobile content gaining similar prominence as TV, mobile advertising is now impacting consumer behavior across the entire purchasing lifecycle from small day-to-day purchases, to bigger purchases, like cars.”