Report: 40 Percent of TV Viewers Are ‘Digital Enthusiasts’

Report 40 Percent of TV Viewers Are 'Digital Enthusiasts'A new GfK MRI report recognizes six new TV viewing audience groups and how they combine emerging and traditional options for TV use.

All told, the findings shared with MMW are fascinating.

For example, the report summary notes that more than a quarter (28%) of all TV viewing is now done via digital streaming.

Accessing subscription or free online platforms via a computer or mobile device accounts for 16% of time spent with TV content; online streaming through a traditional TV set makes up another 9%; and 3% comes from other methods for accessing content, such as portable game consoles.

The new report also reveals that 41% of TV viewers are “Digital Enthusiasts,” who subscribe to at least three digital TV services online, as well as maintain a traditional pay TV subscription.

“Our study reveals important new populations of TV viewers, emphasizing how TV has taken on a whole new meaning, with different approaches to combining streaming and traditional platforms and viewing,” said Christie Kawada, Executive Vice President of Product Management and Innovation at GfK MRI. “We live in a new type of video ecosystem, where online video and live TV co-exist amongst traditional cable offerings, apps, and digital streaming of live TV. These platforms are creating added demand for one another; viewers are checking out more – and different — content, and ultimately watching more. Even digitally savvy viewers still value time-honored TV experiences, like social viewing and second-screen experiences, thus keeping linear viewing strong in today’s digital world.”