Reliance Freight Relies On Text Message Marketing To Boost Trade

The following is a guest post and case study from SMS marketing provider Text Magic.

A mobile text marketing campaign can be one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways of keeping your customers informed and to generate new warm leads for new traffic. As well as being quick and easy, text messaging marketing delivers short, effective messages instantly to people’s pockets. Here we learn how this method helped Reliance Freight to increase their business with a simple text messaging campaign.

Olatunji Sobodu of international freight operators Reliance Freight spends his day talking to customers all over the world. Based in London, Reliance Freight is an international freight forwarding company that prides itself on using innovative and cutting edge methods to win new customers in the highly competitive world of freight distribution and management. When he decided to increase his profile to potential new customers, Olatunji decided to incorporate mobile text marketing as part of his campaign strategy.

The international freight industry relies on messages getting through quickly. With billions of pounds worth of goods being moved continuously around the globe, making sure that his customers know exactly what’s going on and when is important to Olatunji. So too is attracting new customers, and in a world where communications is key, he found text messaging marketing fitted in exactly with his company’s existing ethos.

What is Mobile Text Marketing?

Reliance Freight’s business is by its very nature, an international affair. This is why they use a system that can give you:

  • Guaranteed delivery of single or bulk text messages to over 700 mobile networks around the world
  • The ability to import thousands of mobile contacts into the Messenger system using Excel or any other data programme, simply by saving it as a CSV file, or exporting it from MS Outlook
  • The availability of custom SMS templates, allowing you to create and save text messages, adding a personal touch with unique tags
  • Easy management of your contacts. Text messenger systems save every text you send in a single folder, so it’s easy to track sent SMS
  • Instant access. Mac and PC users can access the data right from the desktop

Deliver the Message on Time

In the freight business, time is money. Because Olatunji wants to deliver his text messaging marketing campaign to his potential clients quickly, he maximises the use of his time without impacting on his day to day running of the business. After using the system for several years, Olatunji now considers it to be an important part of his mobile text marketing campaign, thanks to its reliability and ease of use. “It’s very easy to use and with many features available to use without the need of getting in touch with customer services. I have been using this service for five years without any technical problems.”

So how do you send out your marketing message around the world? Are you steaming ahead and taking advantage of the latest technology, or is your message still stuck in a ‘virtual port’ somewhere? Using SMS as part of your mobile marketing campaign could ensure that your potential customers get the message on time, every time.

About the Author:

TextMagic is one of a growing number of mobile text marketing services available to businesses worldwide.  This simple, effective system delivers your marketing campaign straight to your potential customers instantly. More information about text messaging marketing is available at TextMagic.