Regional Retailers Roll Out the Red Carpet for PayAnywhere

Some of the largest names in retail have made available online or in stores the mobile credit card readers launched by the biggest names in mobile payments today. But smaller, regional retailers are finally getting in on the action too.

PayAnywhere, the professional grade mobile point of sale solutions provider, has just announced five new regional retailers that now offer the PayAnywhere mobile point of sale solution in stores.

Based on details made available to MMW, the retailers include Meijer’s, Fred Meyer’s, Hastings Entertainment, Brandsmart, and MicroCenter.

These leading regional retailers join major retail brands such as Walmart, The Home Depot, OfficeMax and Pep Boys in offering the PayAnywhere mobile credit card processing solution to their customers.

“Many business owners and professional contractors prefer to ‘shop locally’ when they can to support their regional retailers. The ability to purchase the PayAnywhere reader from these retailers is important to them,” says Scott Addyman, vice president of sales at PayAnywhere. “PayAnywhere is dedicated to serving all businesses, and working with regional retailers is further proof of our commitment to help everyone succeed.”

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