Reefer Legislation Madness: Medical Cannabis Advocates Use Digital Advertising to Reach Voters

Reefer Legislation Madness Medical Cannabis Advocates Use Digital Advertising to Reach VotersA medical marijuana advocacy group called California Cannabis Voice (CCV) has announced today it has approved the first wave of its voter advertisements.

The group plans to distribute the ads in major markets soon. The advertisements attempt to rally support against California bill SB 1262. According to CCV, the bill — if made law — would create “a flawed statewide licensing model for medical cannabis cultivation, production, and distribution to patients,” according to the organization.

California Cannabis Voice Educational Foundation is a non-partisan coordinated partnership which is dedicated to educating stakeholders throughout the cannabis industry, stabilizing resources for medicinal cannabis patients, and advocating for fair and reasonable licensing and regulations at the state level.

“Do you think cops should have the power to take away access to your inhaler,” one of the group’s ads intones. “What about your daughter’s antibiotics? Or your grandfather’s heart medication? California patients will be denied local access to cannabis medication under this bill.”

“The ad exposes the legislation as a Trojan Horse,” says Matt Gray, a Sacramento lobbyist who represents the group in the Capitol. “It is the brainchild of narcotics officers and police chiefs who have always opposed medicinal cannabis, and not surprisingly the legislation solidifies massive blackout regions throughout the state.”