Redbox Instant Hits The Main’stream’

Out of beta and unleashed on the the public, Redbox Instant is here and ready to plant its flag in the increasingly competitive and hugely profitable arena of streaming content.

In the works and teased for more than a year now, the new service is a joint venture between Verizon and Redbox. As expected, Redbox Instant works with a large number of leading operating systems and devices (Android, iOS, Xbox 360, some Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players, etc.).

The $6-per-month streaming content service is $2 cheaper than Netflix’s streaming service, although Redbox Instant doesn’t have the inventory of content that Netflix does. RedBox Instant also has a DVD plan for $8 per month or $9 for Blu-Ray discs.

Executives with Redbox Instant say the company doesn’t view itself as a challenger to Netflix, primarily because it will focus on movies. Netflix has a large selection of new and vintage television programming. Redbox Instant is only in the business of movies – approximately 4,600 titles as of this writing, most of which come from the company’s deal with Epix, the operater of Viacom, Lionsgate, and MGM, and other film studios.

For now, Redbox Instant is offering interested persons a free 1-month trial subscription.

To learn more, check out the official Redbox Instant website here.