Redbook Mobile Gets 5 Stars

Quick Site Description:
A mini version of Redbook magazine.


First Impression:
Looks fun and helpful. I love the banner graphic – it gives just enough color to the page, but doesn’t fill up my screen. I want to stay awhile on this site.

What’s Here:
Redbook Mobile is chock-full of a lot of great stuff and it is shown in nice small tidbits for easy mobile consumption. There are a couple of blogs, mini articles on a wide variety of topics – including parenting, money, health, relationships – and inspirational quotes. There is a section for helping you figure out what to make for dinner (great idea!) and a favorite products section that shows various beauty products (my least favorite part of the site because it just doesn’t seem that helpful, but that could just be my personal take on beauty products).

Ease of Use:
This mobi-site is very well organized and it is easy to see what is here. It takes minimal clicks to get where I want to go and everything works.

Find Stuff Factor:
Once I realize that the Home page is called Redbook Main, I was able to very easily get around in the site. I find exactly what I want in just a click each time.

Best Part:
The Diary of E – a serialized fiction story. Just long enough snippets of a story that will keep you coming back for more. You can catch up if you haven’t been reading along the whole time. It is hidden as a blog though so many people may miss it if they are not natural blog readers. I also really like the Time For You Tips, especially this idea about how not to bite your nails, “think about where those hands have been.” That’s a great one.

Where to Use It:

Waiting for your kids to get out of school. Or when you’re stuck unexpectedly somewhere that doesn’t have other reading material. In the grocery store when you don’t know what to get for dinner. The What’s for Dinner column features ideas and recipes you could use to break out of your same-old-routine dinners.

Bottom Line:
Very fun, good sized articles for accessing via mobile. Lots of stuff here! There are at least 10 mini articles in each section of the handbook. And it is good info too. I’m keeping this one in my favorites of my mobile browser.

Kim’s Score:
5 stars (out of 5)