Record 77 Million Smartphones Shipped In Q3, Growing 78 Percent Over Last Year

Strategy Analytics is out with new data regarding global smartphone sales for Q3, showing record growth and the fact that Apple continues its surge to the top.

According to the data, global smartphone shipments grew 78% over the same period last year to 77 million total units.  Apple, while still in second place to Nokia, showed the strongest growth in terms of market share, while both Nokia and RIM continue to lose share as competition heats up on a global scale.  Still, Nokia shipped record smartphone volumes of more than 26 million units.

The report warns that demand is so high for smartphones currently, that suppliers will likely have a hard time keeping up as we enter the all-important holiday shopping season.  “Global smartphone shipments grew 78 percent from a year earlier, the industry’s fastest rate since the mid-2000s,” said Neil Mawston, Director at Strategy Analytics.  “However, the surging volumes are placing heavy demands on component suppliers and moderate shortages of select components are emerging ahead of the Q4 holiday season.”